A Site of In-Betweenness

22 juni 2019 A Site of In-Betweenness afstudeerproject Willem de Kooning.

A Site of In-Betweenness is a curatorial graduation project by Michelle Tähti,

fourth year student Lifestyle Transformation Design (WdKA Autonomous Practices).

Gathering the work by:

Alexander Iezzi

Cengiz Mengüç

Anastasia Shin

Tom Sibma

For researchers in it’s study, international tourism is fertile soil for the understanding of our age (Marie-Françoise Lanfant, 1995). While observing tourist areas where authenticity is staged out and a cultural identity is commodified my understanding of the impact of our capitalistic society grew. Staging the image of the authentic, based on what the visitor perceives as the authentic results in a fantasyland of the imagination, a never never land of nostalgia. Some may perceive it as Disneyland, yet here the commercial and constructed dimension is disguised, in the tourist zone’s they work hard on a site where the magic can’t be broken. A real life, real scaled theme park, a site between present and past, fantasy and real life together forming a complex and layered yet fascinating setting. By working with two aspects that shape my creative practice; anthropology and the curatorial, the exhibition program puzzled together into a group show maintaining a refreshing though critical perspective on the Site of In-Betweenness.