The infinite distance till the other


wednesday 4 march 17:00

Performance by Darly Benneker & Gabriela Davalos

In the context of the exhibition “Identity Machine”, artist Darly Benneker en Gabriela Davalos created the performance “The Infinite distance till the other”. In this performance, the artists research the question how framed or fluent identity is. The never-ending process of transforming us into identities and spaces causes that people might become alienated from not only the other but also themselves. Through current social developments, the artists who both have a Latin-American background wonder if we actually can embrace this fluency or will in the context of identity “the other” always exist. 
Intrigued by how landscapes abruptly or gradually merge into one another, during the performance, the artists wear dresses that resemble three-dimensional landscapes transformed into a shield people carry with them. Convinced that all the spaces we shift through, create an extra layer in our identity; these alterations/fluctuations become our skin and ultimately our landscape. However as individuals we can shift through these spaces, which evokes an eternal quest of alienation, transformation and identity, without feelings of displacement.  Only by giving love and recognition, identity can be a phenomenon that might be easily embraced. Movements and shifts during the performance aim to capture the tension between “the other“, love and recognition.